Bell Aliant – Duct Heater Failure Investigation and Upgrades 

Halifax, NS

Bell Aliant

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Date Completed:

Strum Engineering Associates Ltd 

About This Project

Bell Aliant owns and operates a mission critical communications facility in the heart of Halifax on North Street. This facility includes communications for 911 services, RCMP, residential and commercial, search and rescue and others for the Atlantic Provinces of Canada. 

Within the facility, electric duct heaters are used to maintain air temperature setpoints. Components of the existing duct heaters were failing due to high temperatures; therefore, over-temperature protection or another means to adequately dissipate the heat generated by the components within the duct heaters was required. 

MCA Consultants worked with a duct heater manufacturer and Strum Engineering Associates Ltd to investigate the potential cause of failure of the existing duct heaters and come up with a replacement that would provide reliable operation. The replacement duct heaters were equipped with over-temperature protection and provided notification to the building operators if an over-temperature event occurred. 

Services Provided

  • HVAC
  • Electrical (collaboration)
  • Controls

Key Design Elements

  • Site reviews of existing ventilation systems to determine value-added solutions
  • Detailed Design Drawings and Specifications for installation of 30+ new duct heaters
  • Detailed Design Drawings and Specifications for associated duct heater controls
  • Collaboration with Controls Contractor to determine appropriate controls systems
  • Appropriate Duct Heater Equipment Selection and Sizing for installation
  • Performance Based Design