ECO Canadian Organic Cannabis

Rexton, NB

ECO Canadian Organic Cannabis

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Eco Canadian Organic Inc. is a family-owned medical-grade cannabis producer located in Rexton, New Brunswick. MCA Consultants was hired as the primary consultant for the Mechanical, Electrical and Architectural design services for the new 22,000 sq.ft. indoor marijuana production facility, including office space.


Services Provided

  • Architectural design & space planning
  • HVAC (specialty & conventional)
  • Piping (specialty)
  • Plumbing
  • Controls (Building Automation)
  • Humidity & Temperature Control (Process)
  • Health Canada compliance

Key Design Elements

  • Clean Air supplied to the facility for growing industrial grade product, including HEPA and Carbon Filtration systems)
  • Treatment of Exhaust Air from grow spaces with special Filtration systems
  • Accurate Humidity and Temperature equipment (mechanical and controls)
  • Design of Distribution Ductwork
  • Specialty systems including CO2 distribution system, irriga tion, plant distribution
  • Specialty plumbing systems for separation of grow spaces and facility usage
  • Conventional office Ventilation and Plumbing systems (including drainage)
  • Special Building Automation (DDC) Controls for the accurate control of growing environments
  • Process monitoring controls and alarms for life safety (CO2)
  • Coordination of equipment with special requirements
  • Review of Health Canada documentation requirements
  • Emergency Generator sizing and allowance
  • Specialty grow Lighting
  • Unique Design of HVAC systems in grow areas to allow for redundancy operation if main systems fail, while not adding additional equipment costs.