Holland College Centre of Applied Science and Technology

Charlottetown, PE

Holland College

52,000 sq.ft.

Construction Cost:

Date Completed:

N46 Architecture


This was a new 52,400 sq.ft. facility, located on the Prince of Wales Campus for Applied Science and Technology programs. This state-of-the art facility includes integration of all building systems to allow students, staff and public to interact with this energy efficient building. The facility was designed and constructed based on Green Globes guidelines to achieve a highly energy efficient building. The facility is unique in that the building’s HVAC and geothermal energy systems for the College’s “Energy Systems Engineering Technology” program gives graduates nationally recognized training in clean heating and cooling systems.

MCA Consultants Inc. were the prime mechanical consultant responsible for design of plumbing, geothermal, HVAC systems, fire protection, lab ventilation systems and integration of controls.

Services Provided

  • Plumbing
  • Fire Protection
  • HVAC
  • Automatic Controls

Key Design Elements

  • Geothermal closed loop HVAC system in combination with water-to-air packaged heat pumps for zone-based thermal control
  • Developed sanitary, storm, and domestic water systems including acid resistant drainage and neutralization, tempered and emergency water, elevator sump pit
  • Shop gases and water (propane, compressed air, vacuum, RO/DI water)
  • In-floor radiant heating system for extreme comfort
  • Centralized Air Handling Units to provide proper air quality and condition to facility spaces
  • Connection with District heat system
  • Training shops ventilation
  • Fire protection with Municipal water supply


  • Geothermal energy
  • Heat recovery
  • Building Management Control System