Mersey Seafoods Limited

Liverpool, NS

Mersey Seafood Ltd

20,500 sq.ft.

Construction Cost:

Date Completed:

Lindsay Construction

About This Project

Mersey Seafoods Ltd provides seafood product preparation and packaging manufacturing, mainly processing shrimp, scallops, and ground fish. The new building in Liverpool, NS, consists of a 16,000 sq.ft. seafood processing facility with 4,500 sq.ft. office space. 

MCA Consultants was hired as the mechanical consultant for the new seafood processing facility and office spaces. 

Services Provided

  • Plumbing
  • Piping (specialty)
  • Refrigeration calculations
  • HVAC
  • Controls

Key Design Elements (Process Areas)

  • Ventilation (conventional) for Mechanical and Electrical Rooms, including non-refrigerated areas throughout the facility
  • Ventilation (specialty) for refrigerated and process spaces (including stainless steel and IMP cleanable ductwork)
  • Environmental HVAC Controls
  • Domestic Water entrance and distribution piping design to refrigerated and process spaces
  • Sanitary Drainage piping in refrigerated and process spaces
  • Compressed Air conditioning and distribution design
  • Design compliance with CFIA requirements
  • Fire protection system based on mix of wet and dry zones for full protection of guests and employees

Key Design Elements (Office Areas)

  • Conventional HVAC (packaged rooftop AHU, Server Room A/C, washroom exhausts)
  • Plumbing (above floor Domestic hot and cold water, below floor Sanitary Drainage system)
  • Environmental HVAC Controls