Sherlock Clothing Ltd — New Commerical Warehouse and Offices 

Halifax, NS

Sherlock Clothing Ltd.

Construction Cost:

Date Completed:

Stevens Group 


Sherlock Clothing Limited is a parent clothing company group managing various sister clothing stores throughout Atlantic Canada. This project was for a new two-storey, 56,500 sq.ft. total commercial warehouse and office.

MCA Consultants was hired for the design of both warehouse and office mechanical systems, sanitary systems, and plumbing.

Services Provided

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Controls
  • Sanitary

Key Design Elements

  • Conventional HVAC including:
    • Office Space Ventilation, Air Conditioning; 22 zone VAV system with electric reheat with individual zone control
    • Electrical Room Ventilation/Cooling
    • Elevator Room Ventilation/Cooling
  • Gas heating (piping system and selection of equipment/units)
  • Mechanical Control Sequences
  • Storm and Sanitary Drainage
  • Elevator pit drainage
  • Domestic Water Plumbing
  • Flow Control Roof Drains and Storm water piping systems