Westmount Manor — Sprinkler Designs

Bridgewater, NS


Construction Cost:

Date Completed:


Westwood Manor is a residential building owned and operated by Western Regional Housing Authority (WRHA) which provide affordable housing apartments to senior citizens. The building is 3 storey with 49 units.

MCA Consultants was responsible for ground up design of a sprinkler system to protect the entirety of the building and inhabitants.


Services Provided

  • Sprinkler Design
  • Code Consulting
  • Fire Marshal coordination

Key Design Elements

  • Retrofit of existing residential, occupied building
  • Sprinkler Design including new sprinkler lateral, sprinkler entrance, branch/main layout, head type/placement, valving, and a Fire Alarm Panel upgrade
  • Extensive Code Research was conducted to establish the standards to which the system must be designed for the application—ultimately saving more than $100,000 in construction costs by determining that code requires less demanding system requirements than was expected
  • Entire system modelled and hydraulically calculated to ensure functionality and compliance with code requirements (NFPA, NBC)
  • Design, construction, and final installed system approved by the Fire Marshal
  • Unique piping layout and design of architectural elements to keep systems hidden for a more clean residential appearance